B2B Social Networking

Okay, I admit it … I’ve been a foot dragger when it comes to jumping on the social networking bandwagon. I don’t know if it’s a generational issue, lack of time, or both. The only reason I set up a Facebook page was so I could see photos of far away friends …  and sometimes do what feels like spying on them while reading what terrible thing their kids did on a family vacation.

But then the game changed. I got an invitation to be a Facebook “Friend” from a client! Yikes! Not that I don’t want to be their friend … but it made me nervous to think about what ridiculous things might be posted on my wall, or worse, what frightening pictures my 16 year old sister has posted for the whole world to see. Then I saw what I hoped would be my salvation.

Right there on the Facebook home page toward the bottom, is a little blurb which reads ‘Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business’. Business! That’s it .. hallelujah! So I set off to create a business page in Facebook. It’s looked pretty easy at first, but it took several days and help from the whole Spectrum team. We finally figured out how to make it work, without entertaining our business associates with all of the friend and family silliness. (If you need help with yours, please contact me .. I’m happy to walk you through it).

Now that I’ve at least committed “Spectrum” to the Social Networking world, my next task is to prove that B2B Social Networking has an ROI on the time and effort. After all, it’s supposedly the marketing miracle of our generation, and I want to be able to effectively coach our clients through how to use it effectively.

So, in my quest to take this experiment to the next level, I’m hoping you will help by clicking on this link to become a Spectrum Facebook “Fan”. I’m not sure what will happen then, but I’ll at least be a little closer to figuring out what to do next .. and I promise not to post anything embarrassing on your wall.

Your friend,

Kimberly Clark

P.S. Karen McNeil, one of our Senior Marketing Consultants, is reading a book called “Social Media Is A Cocktail Party”. Now there is a concept I can grasp! The added benefit is that I don’t have to do my hair, wonder if my outfit is appropriate, or worry about having too much … fun. Look for her book review coming soon.

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