Get Ready For the Economic Recovery

Finally – some good economic news is starting to find its way around the Internet. In a recent article posted on (click here to read the article), it is suggested that, “The ideal time for recovery planning is during the August-December period, when the 2010 budget is being planned and new IT projects could be incorporated into it. Now is the time for companies to determine how existing, stalled or new IT projects will be prioritized, sequenced, funded and staffed when business growth returns.”

This means that now is also the time to make sure the companies with existing, stalled or new IT projects know about you and your services! Many companies who changed systems as a result of Y2K and have held off on upgrades or new IT projects due to the economy, are now at a breaking point. As a result, it is estimated that 2010 will see a huge increase in new IT projects.

Our TeleProspecting results this summer seem to back up this information. We’ve seen response rates as high as 21.8% this summer with an average of 12.1% in comparison to an average response rate of 4.7% last summer. If you aren’t doing lead generation, now is the time to start. Likewise, if you have cold leads in your system, it’s time to start warming them up. Don’t miss this pivotal time for new business .. and, don’t forget about nurturing your existing clients! There are plenty of companies out there who will be marketing to your clients while trying to capitalize on this unique window of opportunity.

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