Building Trust to Get the Sale

Selling is not for everyone but if you are the owner of your business or are responsible for bringing new sales into your company, it’s a crucial part of your job. In the recent article, What to do if You’re Not a Natural-Born Seller?, posted on (click here to read the article), it states that “You may be the guru in your field, but that won’t put a dime in the bank if you can’t sell.” The article goes on to describe the characteristics of a good sales person and the tools they use to move the sales process to a close.

The good news is that if you feel like you need improvement as a seller, maybe you don’t have far to look to boost your win rate. Buyer’s today are looking for people who they know, like and trust. You might claim that you can save them money or reduce time spent on inefficient processes however they need proof that you can do what you say you can do. The simple fact is that sales are won by the trust established throughout the selling process. Using facts and real stories (aka: Success Stories) from other engagements you’ve had can increase the trust built with your prospect.

Success Stories are a great sales tool, and the closer a success story business matches a prospective customers business, the better. Success Stories communicate your capabilities to your customer. They give real stories, of situations and or problems that were fixed by a software implementation. They show how you made the customer’s life easier, more efficient and more profitable.

How many Success Stories do you need? It would be ideal to have one for every major industry you serve, and every product you sell. However, getting a good library of success stories doesn’t happen overnight. The best stories have a quantifiable result (savings of time and/or money) and an interesting subject company. Think back and consider the companies you’ve implemented software solutions for and make a list of those that might be turned into great Success Stories. The best customer to ask for a Success Story would be one who has been using their system long enough to be able to quantify their time and money savings. Quantifying the success they’ve had is really the “cherry on top” that makes the story great.

(P.S. If you are interested in building your Success Story library, give us a call. If you mention this article, we will take $100 off each Success Story you order.)

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