What the top 100 VAR’s do to remain competitive?

Accounting Technology recently published their top 100 VAR list and to no surprise many of the companies named said that success in 2009 was not easy. So what does it take for these top 100 VAR’s to be successful in a year like 2009? According to Accounting Technology’s top 100 VAR article Lean, mean and ready for the future – success tactics were all over the board, from picking up clients from other VAR’s that were exiting the marketplace to offering zero percent financing for new client sales, these VAR’s stopped at nothing to take care of their clients.

One common theme amongst these Pacesetters was investing in a continuous nurture marketing campaign. This ranged from visiting current clients more often to putting more resources into other types of nurture marketing efforts. Most quoted spoke about the importance this plays in staying competitive during tough times. One of the VAR’s quoted said, “During 2008 we built up our cash reserves, and during the downturn we have used these reserves to increase advertising and marketing. Our active leads list is now larger than it has ever been.”

Another topic addressed with these VAR’s was the coming year and what they expect. According to the article, “While the Pacesetters weren’t inclined to downplay the severity of the economic crises, they do expect a recovery. But the VARs who will thrive have a healthy sales and marketing engine, broad product and industry expertise, and a strong network of referral partners.”

Implementing a nurture marketing program can be time consuming but far worth it to keep your current clients and prospects warm. There are a variety of nurture touches that can be implemented but two of our favorites are newsletters and success stories as these pieces can be used in multiple ways such as mailing pieces, website content and lead generation collateral.

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