Kristina’s Quote of the Week

By Kristina Blanco, Project Manager at Spectrum

Over the weekend my husband and I were doing some shopping. After we made our purchase we were in the isle-way to walk out when something caught our eye. We stopped and were discussing it when a woman and her husband came up behind us with their cart. My husband’s back was to her so he didn’t realize he was in the way, however I could see her over his shoulder. She said nothing but the ‘perma-frown’ that was on her face just got worse and she stood there getting madder and madder. I quickly had him move out of the way, and it was all she could do to mutter a grumpy ‘Thanks’. I said in my most cheery voice ever, ‘You’re Welcome! Sorry about that!’.

I realize the economy is tough, life can be hard, and the holidays are stressful. But don’t forget to enjoy the season! I’d like to challenge all of us to be extra kind, and to try to be a blessing to strangers. Let’s not miss an opportunity to brighten someone’s day. The girl behind the Starbucks counter, the server at the restaurant, the old lady going slow in the isle in front of us. Being crabby just isn’t worth it…after all none of us want our face to get stuck in a ‘perma-frown’. This brings me to this week’s quote:

If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude. – Chinese Proverb