3 Must-Haves for Successful Lead Nurturing

By Kimberly Clark, Spectrum Managing Director

I attended a webinar last week titled “3 Must-Haves for Successful Lead Nurturing” presented by Focus.com.  The webinar featured B2B marketing and lead generation experts discussing best practices for content, human interaction, and use of technology for successful lead nurturing. This was one of the better webinars I’ve attended, and I’d strongly encourage you to click here to watch/listen to it for yourself.  While most of the theory was not new to me, it was presented in a completely new context and it was a great refresher of why nurture marketing is so critical.  The top 10 take-away points that I’d want to share with our readers include: 

  1. 60-80% of revenue potential is lost if no nurture marketing program is in place.
  2. The internet has changed how buyers buy.  Your content needs to be focused on educating the reader and focusing on their needs.
  3. Online interactions must feed offline conversations.  Be multi-modal with nurturing:  social media, web content, blogs, phone conversations, events (in person or not), direct mail, and e-mail all build upon each other.
  4. Aim to engage prospects, not just get them to respond.  Engagement requires multiple, relevant interactions.   
  5. Marketing content must: 1) Drive response with a call to action, 2) Stay in the prospects head with a take-a-way such as articles, white paper, top tips, videos, etc., 3) Provide a “cliff hanger” or a reason to come back such as subscribing to an article series.
  6. Conversation is the new script … you need to offer value in dialogue.  Move to a conversation mind set (free of sales hype) vs. a lead generation mind set ..
  7. The human touch – personal interaction – during nurturing is a critical component.  Today it’s all about build relationships with the right people, at the right companies, and having intelligent interactions.  And, don’t discount influencers. They can easily derail a decision or influence a decision maker by saying “no”.
  8. The speed at which you respond to inquiries is critical today – 24 hours may be too long.
  9. Present yourself as a Trusted Advisor.  Buyer stories are a strong tool to help accomplish this.
  10. To get started with nurture marketing focus on existing customers first, then existing leads.  Tweak and fine tune website content to make the shift to answering questions. Once you have all that done, you are better positioned to develop new leads.

To help move your marketing mindset to one that is focused on educating and having a dialog with the Prospect, think about how to address the following prospect conerns:

  • Why should I change?
  • What will happen if I don’t?
  • How are my peers handling it?
  • Who’s got the strategic ideas?
  • What are my options?
  • What if my users won’t adopt?
  • Why should I trust you?
  • How good will I look to my boss?

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