New Inside Sales and Customer Service Offering and a New Addition to our Team!

We’ve been hearing from our clients and prospects for years that they wished a service existed that could handle inside sales and customer service for them in a similar way that Spectrum handles their marketing. We are thrilled to announce that we are now able to offer that service thanks to the newest addition to our team, Becky Hankins-Martinson.

Becky joins the Spectrum team with a B.A. in Communications from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and over 17 years of marketing and sales experience in a variety of industries. For the last six years, Becky worked for a large software reseller who specialized in accounting, ERP, project management, HRMS and CRM solutions. There she focused on customer satisfaction, managing the sales process from initial inquiry to post sales project management, and managing all of the marketing functions in between.

Finding someone with Becky’s background was critical to being able to offer this new service. The Inside Sales and Customer Service offering will allow our clients to maximize their marketing dollar by providing a way to ensure the sales cycle doesn’t stop after the initial inquiry is made, and that customers don’t leave for solvable issues. The Inside Sales role will nurture the relationship with prospective clients until they are ready to be turned over to the outside sales team. Additionally, the Customer Service role will nurture relationships with existing clients to ensure they stay happy and up-to-date on information they need to know.

After piloting the service this past year, we are excited to have finally found the perfect person to take the lead on our new Inside Sales and Customer Service offering. We are also thrilled to have a wonderfully well rounded addition to our team who has unlimited potential in how she can help us and our clients. Becky is also excited to be able to apply her strengths to companies who need this type of service to help them grow and stay competitive. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Becky to our team, and we look forward to your inquiries about our new Inside Sales & Customer Service offering.

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