Building Your E-Mail Marketing List

By Karen McNeill, Sr. Marketing Consultant

E-mail marketing done right is a cost effective way to nurture your clients and keep relationships warm. Many companies lose 20-30% of their e-mail lists each year as a natural turn over. As people change their e-mail address or unsubscribe from your list for one reason or other your list is bound to decrease. Here are our top five techniques to keep your list growing.

1. Send a Recurring E-newsletter. The best way to grow your list is to keep it active. An e-newsletter can be sent out monthly or every 6 weeks and is a great way to communicate information to your readers. Keep the e-mail version of your newsletter short. We suggest including only a teaser about each article with a link back to your website for the full story. Topics for your newsletter can vary including staff profiles, message from the president, industry news, product updates, testimonials, highlights from a recent success, training workshops or events that you’re hosting or any information you want your readers to know. The most important thing to remember about writing an e-newsletter is to communicate valuable information. If the person reading your e-newsletter finds something of value they will continue to come back and may even recommend your e-newsletter to someone else, which brings me to my next tip…

2. Encourage readers to forward your e-newsletter to colleagues and friendsand be sure to include a link to your sign-up form in each edition so those friends can sign up directly.

3. Make changing an address very easy. Ideally, subscribers to your newsletter can update their own email addresses with just a few clicks. The harder you make it, the less likely they are to do it and the more likely they are to drop off your list permanently.

4. Use your website. If you have recurring questions from your clients take those questions and answers and create a white paper and offer this on your website. Explain that when they download this piece they will automatically be signed up for online information.

5. Scrub your list. Every year you should update your marketing lead and client information. Conduct a list scrubbing party internally or hire out a service to do this for you. We recommend calling all of your cold leads and clients that you have not heard from in over 1 year. See below for a sample script. During the call confirm their contact information including their e-mail list and then update your records.

No matter which tactics you use to build your list, you should always make it clear that unsubscribing will be painless and that you will not sell their address to anyone else. That’s the best way to establish the trust you’ll need to succeed with your email marketing campaigns.

Sample List Scrub Script

1. Hello, may I speak to (contact)? This is (name) from (company name). We’ve been sending you information over the past year and I am trying to find out if you’ve been getting this? We are sending you our quarterly newsletter, industry articles, invitations to our training workshops and such, have you been receiving this information?

a. If no go to #2

b. If Yes – are you finding this information useful? Is there anyone else who should be receiving this information?

c. If Yes – Who else should be receiving this?

2. We also have this information available in an e-mail version, would you prefer to get this via e-mail instead?

a. If Yes – Can I get your e-mail address?

3. Lastly, I’d like to verify that your mailing address is still (say their address and have them confirm)

4. And just to confirm, am I spelling your name correctly? (spell their name out), is this correct?

5. Thank you (name) for your time today, you have been extremely helpful. Again, my name is (name) from (company name) and should you ever need any assistance with your (service, product, etc) in the future please don’t hesitate to give me a call or visit our website at (say website).

For more information on Spectrum’s list scrubbing service contact your Account Manager or e-mail us at info and simply put List Scrub in the subject line.

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