Lessons Learned the Hard Way

By Kimberly Clark, Managing Director

I wanted to share some valuable information in order to help you avoid having to deal with what I just went through. I always thought, “I’m so careful, I’ll never get a computer virus.” However, just after the new year, I got one from a place many of us visit frequently – Facebook – that crashed my computer. Four days and $400 later I had my computer back up and running. If I had just spent $80 on virus protection software beforehand, I would have saved four lost work days, $320, and a lot of hassle! After a bunch of research and confirmation from the Geek Squad, I purchased Trend Micro’s Internet Security Pro.

Luckily, I back up every Friday, and this hit me on a Saturday – so I didn’t lose ANY data. However, had this happened on a Thursday, I potentially could have lost a weeks’ worth of information. As a result, I researched and signed up for an automatic on-line back-up service called Mozy…and the best part, it’s FREE – up to 2GB! If you would like to get your own free Mozy account, click here.

I hope by sharing this experience, it will help prevent this from happening to you … it’s a tough lesson to learn firsthand!

Lessons learned: Buy virus protection software BEFORE you need it, and back up daily.

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