Kristina’s Quote of the Week

In the last few weeks I have been completely inspired by the new television show, “Undercover Boss”. CEO’s and CFO’s go undercover in their own very large, and profitable companies (such as Waste Management, and 7 – Eleven) to see what the perspective is on the ground level. While ‘Corporate’ may have one idea of how things work, it is quite often very different in reality. It is likely all of us have worked for one of ‘those companies’ at some point in our lives, by which I mean a company that rewards it’s big hitters, and takes for granted those who are working the hardest for the lowest pay and who really are the face of the company. These men that have gone undercover seem to truly care about their employees and want to give them everything they can to help them be successful. I think more businesses could learn a great lesson from their example, by showing every employee that they are valued and have valid points of view, and rewarding positivity and hard work in all positions.

“If there is a strong general, there will be no weak soldiers.”
– Chinese Proverb

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