Finding the ‘Right’ New Clients

 By Kristina Blanco, Project Manager, The Spectrum Services Group

We all know who our favorite clients are, and which (though we may not admit it) drive us crazy. As many of us are beginning to see new business come our way – it is a great time to take a second look at just who we want to attract, and who we might be better off without. This can help us build a strong, vibrant business that will find success around the economic corner.

Who is your ideal client?
A great place to start is to make a list of who your best clients are and why. Once established, look a little deeper at each one to determine possible similarities and characteristics between them. Do they serve a particular industry or demographic; or do they fall into similar size or annual revenue categories? Once you can determine the commonalities between your best clients, you can develop an ideal target market. Some of you may have completed this exercise at one point or another, but it can be a great thing to do again, once or twice a year as your business and clients change. You may find that a whole new demographic has opened up that you hadn’t previously been aware of.

Once you have established an ideal target market, consider where they might be looking for someone who provides products and services like yours. Are they a part of certain associations, or groups or are they likely to attend specific trade show conferences? If you’re unsure about this, ask some of your best clients what fundraisers, committees, or events they attend and start there. Putting yourself out there and engaging the industries you serve will help you build a list of leads to nurture and eventually enable you to create new client relationships.

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