RBP Methods Builds a Complete Marketing Program and Gains a Stronger Presence with the help of The Spectrum Services Group

RBP Methods is a consulting company based in Oregon and works throughout the Pacific Northwest helping nonprofit organizations and governmental entities sort through complex software and technology decisions by providing quality services and products directly or through their wide network of associated firms.
RBP first began doing business in 1992 at which time they handled software implementations while another partner handled sales. In 1995 RBP brought the sales side of the business in house. Kent Arnold President of RBP, headed up the sales, implementation and marketing efforts. Lynne Older, Director of Business Administration, handled all of the administration and coordination for the company. Kent recalls, “While I was technically in charge of marketing, there wasn’t really a marketing ‘budget’ to speak of, nor was there any intentional or proactive marketing efforts. We relied almost solely on leads from software companies and referrals from our existing clients.” While RBP built a solid reputation as a trustworthy organization, they were lacking in the areas of lead generation and client nurturing. Though RBP sold and implemented an average of 3-4 software systems, and inherited orphaned clients each year who needed support when abandoned by other consultants, they lacked any firm goals or desired results. Kent laughs, “We mostly wanted to make our property payments, survive and have a little cash left over at the end of the month.”
Eventually Kent enrolled in Sage’s Fast Track for Growth Program where he learned many new ideas and found resources to help him grow his business. After he completed the program Kent was convinced that implementing an intentional marketing program was the next step for his company and asked Sage if they could refer him to the right people. He recalls, “They gave me two different companies to call and I chose The Spectrum Services Group because of their special touch, and personal approach. They have a very clear vision of the best way to develop a marketing plan, get it organized and implemented, and how to build a strong presence. Their monthly fee included everything I wanted to do but didn’t have the time to do myself. Spectrum was the perfect solution. Our Sr. Marketing Consultant, Karen McNeill, is extremely organized and super sharp. We really couldn’t be happier. Everything Spectrum offered was exactly what I knew from years of classes and seminars that we should be doing but weren’t.”
Through their partnership with The Spectrum Services Group RBP was able to create a long term marketing plan with scheduled activities to keep them on track. They implemented a quarterly newsletter, sales kit, strategic campaign for nurture marketing to clients and prospects, sales leads, website and a well-rounded foundation for their marketing strategy. Kent reflects, “Our industry can be very challenging because nonprofit and governmental organizations are constantly bombarded by people who want to sell them things. We take a little bit of a different approach. We don’t want to sell them anything, we just want to challenge them to take a look at their specific needs and requirements and come to us when they want help with getting more out of their software solutions.” With a consistent brand identity across their now numerous marketing pieces and an amplified presence in their market, RBP’s message is beginning to be heard. “I am now hearing from clients who are reading our newsletter, commenting on this or that article – it’s great!”
RBP Methods can attribute several sales directly to their marketing efforts, but it’s more than that for Kent who stated, “What Spectrum has really done for us is allow us to improve our sales path and sales capabilities. We have a better identified target market and have consistent follow up on leads through Spectrum’s Inside Sales and Customer Service program. As long as I keep allowing Spectrum to follow up the way I know they ought to, and the way I know I can’t, things will continue to grow.” And that is exactly what RBP’s future goals are: to grow; add more staff; and expand their services for clients.
Kent further said, “I recommend Spectrum to others on a regular basis! They have a special personal touch when it comes to dealing with their clients that goes above and beyond. They are fantastic communicators and they are able to see the very big picture and break it down into manageable steps to help us stay on track.” Justin Arnold, Consultant for RBP Methods added, “Our Sr. Marketing Consultant, Karen is a personable, wonderful marketing strategist who has singlehandedly brought increased exposure to our company by providing us with a cost-effective marketing campaign. Two people in our office couldn’t have done half of what Karen can do alone.”
Through their partnership with Spectrum, RBP Methods continues to develop a great reputation and presence in their area as well as within the software companies they partner with. They are achieving their goals with reported software sales growth of 14% in the last twelve months, and they’ve hired a new consultant to help them with implementations and to expand to the Midwest region. To add icing to the cake, RBP was recently surprised with the Eagle Award from Sage for the highest client renewal rate and highest net promoter score of all of Sages partners. At RBP Methods the future looks bright!

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