Is Your Google Analytics Reflecting Real Results?

Google Analytics is a great tool; it allows us to see detailed information about our websites statistics. Many companies use Google Analytics to benchmark performance while we make modifications to and grow our website. Have you ever wondered if the Google Analytics data was accurate? We all just assume that the data from Google Analytics is correct, but in many cases it’s not. You can make your Google Analytics Data reflect more accurate results by adding an IP Filter. This will allow you to filter out those visitors who commonly access your site and distort your numbers such as your employees, web developer and even yourself! In order to add an IP filter you will need to know your computers IP address. There are many tools that will show you your IP address such as If you want to learn how to add an IP filter to your website, Google Analytics has a great tutorial at Once you filter out these visitors you’ll be able to get a better picture of what’s working and what’s not.

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