Positive Signs of Change

Our TeleServices team here at The Spectrum Services Group has seen some positive signs of change in regards to the economic climate which we wanted to pass on to you.

During two recent campaigns, one client in the Northeast Region of the U.S. and another in Alberta, Canada saw excellent response rates. And by ‘excellent’ we mean record-breaking!

US Client: Upon receiving fantastic results to a one-call campaign, this client decided to go ahead and order a second round. Between Leads, Hot Prospects, Prospects and Requests for Information there were 57 responses yielding a 7% response rate! 

Alberta Client: In a campaign run in October, 2010, this client had a 27% response rate! That is the HIGHEST we’ve ever seen here at Spectrum! And – even better – many of the comments from those who responded indicated a positive change in attitude about the economy as well as a willingness to consider software upgrades and changes!

We hope these are the first signs of good things to come in the near future! If you’ve been considering enhancing your nurture list with some fresh new leads – it’s an excellent time to start planning your next TeleProspecting campaign.

If interested, contact Kimberly Clark today to get started!
(800) 881-3312 x 10

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