Spectrum Spotlight: Stephanie Fry

Stephanie Fry has been working with The Spectrum Services Group since 2007, as a TeleProspector. She has done such an excellent job for us, she was recently promoted to TeleServices Manager. Working closely with the TeleProspecting team and our clients, she helps generate new leads as well as conducts the preparation of and reporting on each campaign. Of her new responsibilities she stated, “I thoroughly enjoy interacting with our clients as well as taking an active role in strategizing on ways we can make our overall TeleProspecting system run more effectively.” What’s more, Stephanie appreciates the flexibility Spectrum provides allowing her to serve the needs of our clients and company while also being able to be home and raise her children.

Prior to working for Spectrum Stephanie had been a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) for 17 years. She reflects, “I was able to work for a couple of fabulous dentists and as a Lead Dental Assistant trained other assistants who had no prior dental or medical knowledge. It was extremely rewarding!” In addition, Stephanie has her accreditation as a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC), which she thoroughly enjoyed as well. “I really liked spending time with new mothers and their babies, but unfortunately the working hours weren’t conducive to me being a mom myself.”

When she’s not hard at work for our clients, you’re likely to find Stephanie reading, sewing, running or hanging out with her family at the beach!

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