A Little Spring in our Step?

An article published this month on cfo.com reports that optimism about the economy is on the rise. A recent Duke University/CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook Survey shows a 6% increase over last quarter. While still cautious, many are hopeful that we will see relatively modest growth in 2011.

Some business owners note that consumers are staying away from overly expensive purchases leading them to provide more affordable options. Others are expanding into new more profitable areas in order to adapt to our new economy.

A downside is that jobs and consumer demand are still not gaining traction as quickly as one would hope, and inflation and fuel prices are on the rise – leaving some lingering tensions. The good news is though that the fear of a full scale depression is on the decline, and some larger companies are planning to expand their full time workforce this year. Furthermore, in a survey from February, cfo.com reports that Finance chiefs plan to spend more money in critical areas. This includes 9% more on capital expenditures, 5% more on technology and 2% on marketing and advertising.

To read the full article(s) click on the links below.

Springtime for the Economy?

Back in Business

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