Great Ideas from Other Industries: The many benefits of on-demand remote training

Several of us here at Spectrum have backgrounds in Multi-Family Property Management. It’s no surprise then that we still receive some marketing materials used within this industry. A recent post card caught our eye and got us thinking… this would be a great idea for our clients!

This post card offers Online Training Videos for an affordable price (@ only $19 per 30-minute episode), that can be accessed via the internet. Providing on-demand, remote training can help you enhance your business across the board. This affordable and user-friendly training option not only gives them access to your expertise whenever it’s convenient for them, but it saves you time as well! What’s more, the creation of videos like these will also:

  • Enhance your SEO
  • Increase Training Revenue
  • Add Value for Your Clients
  • And, Further Identify You as an Expert in Your Field

With so many foreseeable benefits resulting from this one marketing effort – what’s not to like? If you’d like some tips on how to get started with your training videos, give us a call! We’d love to help!