Exciting Announcements from The Spectrum Services Group

Announcement from The Spectrum Services GroupThe Spectrum Services Group is excited to share a couple of announcements…

First, Kristina Blanco has taken on a new role within Spectrum – and with that the new title of Sr. Project Manager. In addition to managing projects for our clients she will be helping to train new team members, co-manage client activities as well as taking a bigger role in helping Spectrum manage our growth which includes becoming a HubSpot expert. We want to recognize and thank Kristina for all her hard work and longevity with the Spectrum team. She truly is the glue that holds it all together, and I can honestly say that I don’t know if we could have made it this far without her.

I’m also very excited to announce that Alexis Sommer (now Alexis Swain) has re-joined the Spectrum Team. She worked for us while Kristina was on maternity leave then left to take an exciting internship. She worked in the eMedia department of a publishing company, where she learned about email marketing and analysis. She enjoyed her experience there so much, she added Marketing as a Minor to her English Major. Alexis just got married a few weeks ago, and took this semester off to get through the wedding and settling into married life. This will give us a great opportunity to resume getting her up to speed on everything we do before she goes back to school. I’m so excited to work with Alexis again and have her return to the team and firmly believe she will be a HUGE asset to the company!

Finally, Mina Whitlock and her family moved back to Hawaii … but the coolest thing is that she is able to still work for us! I love that Spectrum is able to offer great people opportunities like this where it doesn’t matter where you live!

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