Simplify Your Invoicing Process with New Payment Options from The Spectrum Services Group

We know that you have a million things to do every day to keep your business running smoothly. Extra tasks that take up your time can be frustrating…which is why we found a way to help simplify your life!

The Spectrum Services Group is now offering an electronic payment option for our clients that saves time, makes it easier to process your Spectrum invoice and can potentially save you an average of $44 in interest rates and fees if you’re currently using a credit card! In just three easy steps you can process your payment in under 60 seconds!

“I would definitely recommend this option to other Spectrum clients like me. The process is very straight forward and easy to use. When I receive an invoice I just click on the link within the email to pay online and that’s it! I just click on the link, select what date to make payment, and select accept. Then on the date I selected it takes it out of my account and pays the invoice. It’s simple, quick and easy – what could be better?!”

– Kim Andersen
MAS Software Solutions

If you’re interested in simplifying your invoicing process, simply click on the “Pay this invoice online” link, included on your next invoice!

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