MAS Software Solutions Teams up with The Spectrum Services Group to Create a Marketing Program They Can be Proud Of

Located in the Greater Kansas City area, MAS Software Solutions assists companies in reaching their financial and operational goals with their accounting, manufacturing and distribution solutions. Their consultants are comprised of experienced CFO’s, Controller’s, CPA’s, CITP’s and Certified Software Consultants. MAS Software Solutions offers full service support and provides clients access to consultants with strong financial and IT backgrounds.

What is most distinctive about MAS Software Solutions is the foundation upon which their company is built. Putting into action what others merely talk about, MAS Software Solutions truly strives to provide the very best service and support possible. Kim Andersen, Founder of MAS Software Solutions explains, “Prior to starting this business, I had the good fortune of working for a unique company that fostered a culture of positivity and empowerment which resulted in the motivation of the staff to do far more than they realized they were capable of. The CEO was on a first name basis with each of the 500 staff members and he would regularly walk through the facility, visiting with employees in order to get to know them better. Feeling valued and encouraged, the employees in turn worked very hard, furthered their education and many were able to move up in the company to positions they had never dreamed possible.” Carrying this philosophy into his own business, MAS Software Solutions stands firm on their core values of service and trust; hiring the best people, paying them more than the industry average and giving their staff room to do their job without being second guessed. Kim adds, “Both internally and externally we want to build long term relationships based on trust, professionalism, quality and care.”

With a logo, a one page website and a quarterly stock-content newsletter, MAS Software Solutions realized that they wanted to expand their high standards to include their marketing efforts. “We initially decided that we needed to rebuild our website to be something that we could be proud of,” recalls Kim. “When we found ourselves in need of assistance in writing the content for our website we were referred to The Spectrum Services Group. We connected with Karen, our Sr. Marketing Specialist right away. She took the time to listen and understand who we are, how we’re different and what we wanted to do.” One of the most important things for MAS was to accurately portray their company culture and beliefs in any marketing efforts. They didn’t want a cookie-cutter website that looked just like Sage’s, but desired something that reflected their own brand which included the reflection of their deep-rooted values. “I am an accountant – not a marketing person…and I know just enough about marketing to be dangerous,” laughs Kim. “We wanted someone who could take charge of our marketing, but portray the MAS Software Solutions brand accurately – and The Spectrum Services Group did just that!”

Leading MAS Software Solutions through the process of gathering information and developing a plan – The Spectrum Services Group ultimately helped them find the ‘vision’ for where they were going and how they would get there. Along the way MAS Software Solutions realized that their website was a foundational piece of their marketing effort, but in order to drive traffic to it and make it work for them long-term, they needed to have an ongoing marketing strategy in place. Kim explains, “Prior to working with Spectrum our strengths were: 1) Taking care of our customers; and 2) Building a bond with our customers. Our weaknesses were – anything related to marketing, and generating new Sage MAS 90/200 sales.” Therefore as a natural next step The Spectrum Services Group helped MAS Software Solutions start a blog, develop a consistent personalized newsletter, client testimonials, success stories, and several company branded marketing pieces. These not only helped drive traffic to their newly developed website, but also enhanced their communication with customers, and eventually led to monthly webinars and Sage MAS 90/200 tips and tricks training videos.

The team at MAS Software Solutions is thrilled with the growth they’ve seen since they’ve signed on with The Spectrum Services Group. From improved credibility through a great website and success stories, to a well thought out plan for the future, they are positioning themselves for growth. “Don’t make the mistake that we made by occasionally spending money to acquire customers,” cautions Kim. “It just won’t work. The way to success lies in developing a marketing strategy, letting it guide you and having knowledgeable people who you can trust to help you along the way. The team at The Spectrum Services Group took the time to understand our strengths, weaknesses and quirks so that they could gain and portray a true sense of who we are to our customers and prospects. They are honest and ethical and have done a fantastic job in establishing our marketing plan and executing it.”

MAS Software Solutions is proud to report that several new customers have found them through their website. In addition, they have grown exponentially in their marketing technique: from better identifying their target market and improving branding consistency; to enhancing lead generation and nurture marketing efforts. “We are now in a position to spend money wisely based on a marketing strategy that benefits existing customers, as well as new customers that either use Sage MAS 90 and 200, or are migrating to it.”