Spectrum Spotlight: Alexis Swain

Alexis Swain started with Spectrum in November 2010, then left for a bit to take an internship at a publishing company. She recently re-joined the team and we are thrilled to have her back with us as an independent Marketing Consultant. Alexis is currently helping Spectrum clients with their SEO and blog optimization, as well as the development of marketing pieces. “I’ve always been interested in Marketing, and really appreciate the opportunity to work with The Spectrum Services Group,” explains Alexis. “It’s so much better than a typical 9-5 office job. Spectrum affords me the flexibility to work hard and have a flexible work/life balance at the same time!”

Alexis is currently pursuing her BA in English & Marketing, and just got married in September! “I really enjoy cooking and decorating, as well as spending time with my husband Josh, and our two dogs: Dunkin (a Westie), and Princess (a Maltese). They are pretty much our kids at his point and are very spoiled!”

Alexis was born and raised in Texas, and admits that she will always have a special place in her heart for the South and country music. “I love a good story… whether it’s in a song, a movie or a book! I’d really like to write a best-selling novel one day. I’ve always enjoyed writing and thinking of stories in my head… I just need to find the time to get them down on paper!”