Spectrum Team Member Updates!

The team here at Spectrum is a-movin’ and a-growin’ (so to speak)! Most of us have had one major life change or another in the last year, and we want to share all of our happy news with you!

First, we are thrilled to share that we have added four new people to our company: Kate DeSantis, who we introduced you to last May; Alexis Swain, who you’ll meet in this month’s Spectrum Spotlight; and a couple of people to watch for in upcoming editions of our newsletter: Sheri Engstrom-Rickard, our new Inside Sales Consultant; and Natalie Hill, a new member of our TeleServices team!

Second, we are also growing outside the company!

Kristina Blanco and her husband had their first son, Adam, last November!

Kate DeSantis added a second son named Drew to her beautiful family in August!

Kimberly Clark had a baby…no wait! Kimberly adopted TWO baby animals in the last few months! Seren the baby horse, and Jaxsun the baby donkey.

Karen McNeill and her family moved to Colorado!

Mina Whitlock and her family moved to Hawaii… (and we can’t wait to go visit her!)