MAS Software Solutions Teams up with The Spectrum Services Group to Create a Marketing Program They Can be Proud Of

Located in the Greater Kansas City area, MAS Software Solutions assists companies in reaching their financial and operational goals with their accounting, manufacturing and distribution solutions. Their consultants are comprised of experienced CFO’s, Controller’s, CPA’s, CITP’s and Certified Software Consultants. MAS Software Solutions offers full service support and provides clients access to consultants with strong financial and IT backgrounds.

What is most distinctive about MAS Software Solutions is the foundation upon which their company is built. Putting into action what others merely talk about, MAS Software Solutions truly strives to provide the very best service and support possible. Kim Andersen, Founder of MAS Software Solutions explains, “Prior to starting this business, I had the good fortune of working for a unique company that fostered a culture of positivity and empowerment which resulted in the motivation of the staff to do far more than they realized they were capable of. The CEO was on a first name basis with each of the 500 staff members and he would regularly walk through the facility, visiting with employees in order to get to know them better. Feeling valued and encouraged, the employees in turn worked very hard, furthered their education and many were able to move up in the company to positions they had never dreamed possible.” Carrying this philosophy into his own business, MAS Software Solutions stands firm on their core values of service and trust; hiring the best people, paying them more than the industry average and giving their staff room to do their job without being second guessed. Kim adds, “Both internally and externally we want to build long term relationships based on trust, professionalism, quality and care.”

With a logo, a one page website and a quarterly stock-content newsletter, MAS Software Solutions realized that they wanted to expand their high standards to include their marketing efforts. “We initially decided that we needed to rebuild our website to be something that we could be proud of,” recalls Kim. “When we found ourselves in need of assistance in writing the content for our website we were referred to The Spectrum Services Group. We connected with Karen, our Sr. Marketing Specialist right away. She took the time to listen and understand who we are, how we’re different and what we wanted to do.” One of the most important things for MAS was to accurately portray their company culture and beliefs in any marketing efforts. They didn’t want a cookie-cutter website that looked just like Sage’s, but desired something that reflected their own brand which included the reflection of their deep-rooted values. “I am an accountant – not a marketing person…and I know just enough about marketing to be dangerous,” laughs Kim. “We wanted someone who could take charge of our marketing, but portray the MAS Software Solutions brand accurately – and The Spectrum Services Group did just that!”

Leading MAS Software Solutions through the process of gathering information and developing a plan – The Spectrum Services Group ultimately helped them find the ‘vision’ for where they were going and how they would get there. Along the way MAS Software Solutions realized that their website was a foundational piece of their marketing effort, but in order to drive traffic to it and make it work for them long-term, they needed to have an ongoing marketing strategy in place. Kim explains, “Prior to working with Spectrum our strengths were: 1) Taking care of our customers; and 2) Building a bond with our customers. Our weaknesses were – anything related to marketing, and generating new Sage MAS 90/200 sales.” Therefore as a natural next step The Spectrum Services Group helped MAS Software Solutions start a blog, develop a consistent personalized newsletter, client testimonials, success stories, and several company branded marketing pieces. These not only helped drive traffic to their newly developed website, but also enhanced their communication with customers, and eventually led to monthly webinars and Sage MAS 90/200 tips and tricks training videos.

The team at MAS Software Solutions is thrilled with the growth they’ve seen since they’ve signed on with The Spectrum Services Group. From improved credibility through a great website and success stories, to a well thought out plan for the future, they are positioning themselves for growth. “Don’t make the mistake that we made by occasionally spending money to acquire customers,” cautions Kim. “It just won’t work. The way to success lies in developing a marketing strategy, letting it guide you and having knowledgeable people who you can trust to help you along the way. The team at The Spectrum Services Group took the time to understand our strengths, weaknesses and quirks so that they could gain and portray a true sense of who we are to our customers and prospects. They are honest and ethical and have done a fantastic job in establishing our marketing plan and executing it.”

MAS Software Solutions is proud to report that several new customers have found them through their website. In addition, they have grown exponentially in their marketing technique: from better identifying their target market and improving branding consistency; to enhancing lead generation and nurture marketing efforts. “We are now in a position to spend money wisely based on a marketing strategy that benefits existing customers, as well as new customers that either use Sage MAS 90 and 200, or are migrating to it.”

Spectrum Spotlight: Alexis Swain

Alexis Swain started with Spectrum in November 2010, then left for a bit to take an internship at a publishing company. She recently re-joined the team and we are thrilled to have her back with us as an independent Marketing Consultant. Alexis is currently helping Spectrum clients with their SEO and blog optimization, as well as the development of marketing pieces. “I’ve always been interested in Marketing, and really appreciate the opportunity to work with The Spectrum Services Group,” explains Alexis. “It’s so much better than a typical 9-5 office job. Spectrum affords me the flexibility to work hard and have a flexible work/life balance at the same time!”

Alexis is currently pursuing her BA in English & Marketing, and just got married in September! “I really enjoy cooking and decorating, as well as spending time with my husband Josh, and our two dogs: Dunkin (a Westie), and Princess (a Maltese). They are pretty much our kids at his point and are very spoiled!”

Alexis was born and raised in Texas, and admits that she will always have a special place in her heart for the South and country music. “I love a good story… whether it’s in a song, a movie or a book! I’d really like to write a best-selling novel one day. I’ve always enjoyed writing and thinking of stories in my head… I just need to find the time to get them down on paper!”

Spectrum Team Member Updates!

The team here at Spectrum is a-movin’ and a-growin’ (so to speak)! Most of us have had one major life change or another in the last year, and we want to share all of our happy news with you!

First, we are thrilled to share that we have added four new people to our company: Kate DeSantis, who we introduced you to last May; Alexis Swain, who you’ll meet in this month’s Spectrum Spotlight; and a couple of people to watch for in upcoming editions of our newsletter: Sheri Engstrom-Rickard, our new Inside Sales Consultant; and Natalie Hill, a new member of our TeleServices team!

Second, we are also growing outside the company!

Kristina Blanco and her husband had their first son, Adam, last November!

Kate DeSantis added a second son named Drew to her beautiful family in August!

Kimberly Clark had a baby…no wait! Kimberly adopted TWO baby animals in the last few months! Seren the baby horse, and Jaxsun the baby donkey.

Karen McNeill and her family moved to Colorado!

Mina Whitlock and her family moved to Hawaii… (and we can’t wait to go visit her!)

The Whole World is Pink and we LOVE it

By Kristina Blanco, Sr. Project Manager, The Spectrum Services Group

The ‘Go Pink’ theme has gained even more traction this year – and we LOVE it! From Ford TV ads, to store-bought items including anything from laundry detergent to whiteout and everywhere in between (including Kimberly’s bag of horse feed!) you just can’t escape this one! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get on the Pink train!

Even the world of Social Media has joined the pink party! We recently came across a hospital competition catching fire in the United States and Canada put on by encouraging awareness. Click here for an entry we found on Facebook that we really enjoyed.

As I watched my favorite football team (Go Chargers!) beat the Kansas City Chiefs a few weeks ago donning their pink attire I thought to myself, “I wonder how many people who are wearing pink are also supporting the cause?” If each person gave just $5, think of the research that could be done to save the lives of our mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters! I don’t say this to pressure anyone, but I want to challenge each of us not only to promote awareness, but to do whatever else we can to help find a cure once and for all.

As many of you know, this cause is near and dear to our hearts here at The Spectrum Services Group, as one of our own – Joanne Russell was diagnosed a few years ago. We are extremely thankful that she was able to beat it and are happy to provide you with an update from her:

“I am doing great and am happy to report I am Cancer FREE!  I thank God every day for allowing me to have cancer because he has used this challenge in my life to bring about so many good things. I have come through this trial with a greater confidence which I am putting to work through a women’s ministry I’ve started with my church called REAL Women. I’ve been given a new perspective which leads me to appreciate each and every person around me, and not waste time on hurts, bitterness, and anger.”

We are so proud of Joanne and all the other women who have stood up to this diagnosis and have fought it with all their might. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are still fighting, and those who have lost a loved one to the battle. We have each made our $5 donation, if you wish to join us please click here.

Simplify Your Invoicing Process with New Payment Options from The Spectrum Services Group

We know that you have a million things to do every day to keep your business running smoothly. Extra tasks that take up your time can be frustrating…which is why we found a way to help simplify your life!

The Spectrum Services Group is now offering an electronic payment option for our clients that saves time, makes it easier to process your Spectrum invoice and can potentially save you an average of $44 in interest rates and fees if you’re currently using a credit card! In just three easy steps you can process your payment in under 60 seconds!

“I would definitely recommend this option to other Spectrum clients like me. The process is very straight forward and easy to use. When I receive an invoice I just click on the link within the email to pay online and that’s it! I just click on the link, select what date to make payment, and select accept. Then on the date I selected it takes it out of my account and pays the invoice. It’s simple, quick and easy – what could be better?!”

– Kim Andersen
MAS Software Solutions

If you’re interested in simplifying your invoicing process, simply click on the “Pay this invoice online” link, included on your next invoice!

Exciting Announcements from The Spectrum Services Group

Announcement from The Spectrum Services GroupThe Spectrum Services Group is excited to share a couple of announcements…

First, Kristina Blanco has taken on a new role within Spectrum – and with that the new title of Sr. Project Manager. In addition to managing projects for our clients she will be helping to train new team members, co-manage client activities as well as taking a bigger role in helping Spectrum manage our growth which includes becoming a HubSpot expert. We want to recognize and thank Kristina for all her hard work and longevity with the Spectrum team. She truly is the glue that holds it all together, and I can honestly say that I don’t know if we could have made it this far without her.

I’m also very excited to announce that Alexis Sommer (now Alexis Swain) has re-joined the Spectrum Team. She worked for us while Kristina was on maternity leave then left to take an exciting internship. She worked in the eMedia department of a publishing company, where she learned about email marketing and analysis. She enjoyed her experience there so much, she added Marketing as a Minor to her English Major. Alexis just got married a few weeks ago, and took this semester off to get through the wedding and settling into married life. This will give us a great opportunity to resume getting her up to speed on everything we do before she goes back to school. I’m so excited to work with Alexis again and have her return to the team and firmly believe she will be a HUGE asset to the company!

Finally, Mina Whitlock and her family moved back to Hawaii … but the coolest thing is that she is able to still work for us! I love that Spectrum is able to offer great people opportunities like this where it doesn’t matter where you live!

Great Ideas from Other Industries: The many benefits of on-demand remote training

Several of us here at Spectrum have backgrounds in Multi-Family Property Management. It’s no surprise then that we still receive some marketing materials used within this industry. A recent post card caught our eye and got us thinking… this would be a great idea for our clients!

This post card offers Online Training Videos for an affordable price (@ only $19 per 30-minute episode), that can be accessed via the internet. Providing on-demand, remote training can help you enhance your business across the board. This affordable and user-friendly training option not only gives them access to your expertise whenever it’s convenient for them, but it saves you time as well! What’s more, the creation of videos like these will also:

  • Enhance your SEO
  • Increase Training Revenue
  • Add Value for Your Clients
  • And, Further Identify You as an Expert in Your Field

With so many foreseeable benefits resulting from this one marketing effort – what’s not to like? If you’d like some tips on how to get started with your training videos, give us a call! We’d love to help!

Telemarketing: A Sales Call Phrase to Avoid

I am a big fan of phone follow up and an even bigger fan of creating a great rapport with my prospects within the first 6 seconds of the call. The rapport can be squelched very quickly by one simple phrase: “Have you had a chance to look at it yet?”

Some great lead generation marketing methods include sending something to your prospect in the mail. This might be a direct mail letter, brochure, success story, or some other nurture marketing piece that reminds them of your company and your services. When following up on this marketing collateral please keep in mind that this piece should be used primarily as a reference tool to help you get in the door.  All you want to on the follow-up call is make sure it arrived and the Decision Maker is aware it arrived.  It’s a reference.  So reference it, and then move on to the point of your call. 

Have you found yourself using one of these three deadly phrases on your follow up call?

  • “I sent you some information in the mail last week, have you had a chance to look at it?”  
  • “…have you had a chance to read it?”  
  • “…have you had time to go over the material?”

Now while this seems perfectly normal and natural, it is a detrimental mistake and causes immediate major problems.

First, this one simple question puts the prospect on the immediate defense.  If they have not received the material (which is normally the case) or if they do not remember the material at the moment, the question puts pressure on the prospect to have to defend why they have not done so.   This leads your prospect to reply with something like:

  • “Well, I’ve been really busy….” Or “I’ve been out of town…”  or  “…I just haven’t had time to get around to it yet…” 

What’s worse is that now you are one the phone with your Decision Maker and in the first few seconds you have to establish rapport, build trust and get them to like you have managed to put them on the defense making them explain why they are holding things up. It creates an immediate adversarial atmosphere and the prospect puts up guards and prepares to do battle, or worse, hang up as soon as possible.

To avoid this horrible start to your follow-up calls, simply rephrase that question.  Instead of putting the responsibility to read the literature on the prospect, simply ask if they have received the letter and move on. You might end up saying something like:

  • “I mailed some information to you last week, do you know if it arrived safely?” 
  • “….did it ever get around to your desk?” 

Regardless of their response, now you can move on with the reason for your call saying something like:

“Good, I’m glad it made it there, take a look at that when you get a chance, it has some information that you might be interested in regarding your (fill in the blank). Anyhow, the main reason I was calling….” And now you can explain the reason for your call and move on to set an appointment.

Improving Your Lead Close Ratio: Seven Tips for a Successful Sales and Marketing Process

By Kristina Blanco, The Spectrum Services Group

We all know that technology only lasts so long before it becomes obsolete. All companies will eventually need to upgrade, install better software and implement improved processes if they expect to grow and be successful. That’s where Resellers come in. Those of you who are software resellers have the opportunity to give these organizations what they need to take their business to the next level. If you’ve ever been concerned that leads may be falling through the cracks – this article is for you!

All too often software providers miss opportunities that are then picked up by competitors. Why? Though there may be several different reasons for this, many lost sales are due to a breakdown in the marketing and sales follow-up process. Gartner research estimates that as high as 70% of true leads aren’t even followed up with! And we all know that if they’re going to buy from you – they need to know, like and trust you.

Therefore, we came up with these seven tips for a successful sales and marketing process in order to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities for success.

  • Have a well-defined target market. Take a look at your best and worst implementations and search out similarities amongst them. This will give you a good idea regarding the types of companies you should be targeting, and those you should avoid. Reaching out to those which are more likely to produce a profit will save you money, and increase the success of your marketing efforts.
  • Deploy a multi-dimensional marketing plan. Forcing your marketing into a box and expecting it to generate leads won’t work. You should seek to consistently create, evaluate, and measure the effectiveness of different campaigns.
  • Don’t rely on ‘cost-per-lead’ as a success metric. This method tends to encourage unnecessary volume of leads rather than the uncovering of true leads. A better plan is to compare cost-per-opportunity, or cost-per-closed-deal.
  • Commit to a long-term effort. Leads are not generated overnight, rather through a consistent and thorough approach.
  • Appropriately define your leads. Adding subsets will help your sales team differentiate between those that need attention today, and those which may need follow up a little further out.
  • Resist the urge to force sales teams to ‘produce’ only in the short term. Rather, set both short and long-term goals in order to encourage that all true leads get follow up regardless of their potential close date.
  • Recognize that not everyone belongs in a Sales Department. It takes a special person to be able to make follow up calls, get in touch with decision makers, and create a relationship with them. If you put the right people on the phone you’ll close more deals.

Combining a well planned and ever evolving marketing process with a consistent nurture and follow up program – you’ll be much more likely to improve your lead close ratio. Further, encouraging collaboration and communication between your sales and marketing teams will ensure that the appropriate leads are passed from one department to the other without falling through the cracks.

As always, if you need assistance with your marketing process, The Spectrum Services Group can provide it. From Foundation to Lead Generation to Nurture Marketing (which includes Inside Sales & Customer Care) – we do it all! If you’d like to discuss ways in which you’d like to improve your marketing efforts, give us a call – we’d love to hear from you!

Marketing done right on a tight budget for Sage Nonprofit Resellers

Attention all Sage Nonprofit and Fundraising Resellers! Do you want to stay in front of your clients and prospects with quality and professional marketing but don’t have the time or resources to execute this task? The Spectrum Services has your answer through our new Nonprofit & Fundraising Newsletter.

The Spectrum Services Group is offering an industry based newsletter – not product based – designed to help you build and maintain the “know, like, trust” relationship that is so important to getting and keeping business.

With this newsletter, you get:

  • Custom branded newsletter templates that can be emailed and/or
  • Stock articles written by Spectrum
  • The option to include personalized articles of your choosing
  • The ability to determine the frequency and method of delivery to your customers

The options are endless, and better yet, you don’t have to lift a finger!

With packages starting as low as $800 a year, your newsletter will be a valuable resource to your subscribers who look to your expertise in nonprofit accounting and fundraising solutions.

If you’d like more information, please contact Karen at:, or Sage Nonprofit Newsletter and Fundraising Getting Started Guide to get started now!