Beth Reynolds

imageBeth Reynolds joined The Spectrum Services Group as an Independent Marketing Coordinator in January 2013. With over 30 years spent in the retail industry, she has a tremendous amount of valuable experience and knowledge.  From sales, management, and training; to buying, public relations and coordinating promotional events, Beth will be a valuable asset to the Spectrum team.

When not working, Beth enjoys spending time with her husband Al who brought two sons to the family dynasty, (which also includes dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and goats)! Currently, Beth and Al are over the moon enjoying being new proud grandparents of a baby girl, and spend as much time as possible with her.

Beth is most proud of her capacity for hard work and perseverance which is evidenced by successfully and singlehandedly putting her two daughters through college. She states, “I am so proud of my girls both receiving their degrees, and can’t wait to see where their new careers lead them!”With that challenge complete, Beth has joined the animal rights community, somewhere where her perseverance can be put to good use!  As an obvious lover of animals, she seeks to encourage fair treatment and welfare for all, large and small.

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