Kimberly Clark

Kimberly ClarkHow did The Spectrum Services Group get started?  

I had worked in “Corporate America” for many years in management, consulting, and marketing.  It was so hard to find a balance between work time and personal time; I thought there must be a better way.  In 1996 I started my own marketing consulting company.  Of course I work harder than I ever did before and have less “me”  time, however I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I love what I do; I have a great customer base, and a terrific team.

So, there really is a group?  

Yes!  We have an amazing group of consultants who work with Spectrum.  Most are parents who wanted the same work-life balance that I did.  Consulting gives them the flexibility to spend more time with their families while remaining active in the workforce.  It has worked out so well that I’m constantly being approached by people who want to join the team.

What does Spectrum do?

Spectrum offers a cost-effective marketing alternative for smaller companies.  Most of our clients would like the benefits of an in-house marketing expert – but they really don’t have the need or financial resources for someone full time.  Spectrum basically acts like a remote, part-time marketing department for our customers.  Our team has expertise in the areas of corporate identity, sales coaching, public relations, web development, lead generation, and nurture marketing.  We are able to provide a full spectrum of marketing services with a single source solution.

What do you do outside of work?  

Anything outside!  I love being outdoors and will use any excuse not to be inside.  Gardening, hiking, ski-boarding, horseback riding and spending time with my pets seems to be all I can fit in on a regular basis.  When I retire I’d like to travel the world – on my own personal yacht (after I win the lottery!).

How many and what kind of pets do you have?  

I actually have a whole farm full of animals including: horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, a cow and a pig.

What do you do with the farm?

My ultimate goal is to be completely self sufficient by growing or raising all my own food.

What the most daring (stupid, fun, brave) thing you’ve ever done?  

Flying an airplane on a solo cross-county flight as part of my pilot’s license training (that was the brave part).  The weather wasn’t ideal and I shouldn’t have landed where I did (that was the stupid part), but I made it back to my home airport in one piece and felt a huge sense of accomplishment (that and the celebration afterwards was the fun part)!

Kimberly can be reached at: 800.881.3312 ext. 10, or