Kris Murphy

Kris Murphy joined The Spectrum Services Group in November of 2015 as a Marketing Executor.

Prior to joining Spectrum, Kris served in the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician in the Helicopter Mine Countermeasures community before working on both sides of the transportation industry—as a customer service manager for a large transportation company (TL and LTL) and then managing several major retail accounts for one of the nation’s largest manufacturers/distributors. After moving to Texas to be closer to family in 2005, she obtained her home and auto insurance license for all 50 states. She then started her own photography and art sales business, with a focus on animals and nature.

Kris has been involved with dog and cat rescue, rehab, and training most of her life, so when a family of donkeys was found abandoned in one of the worst TX droughts on record in 2011, she adopted five of those 14 family members. She learned to train donkeys using Positive Reinforcement like she’d done with her other animals and then to trim their hooves, so started a business which provides those services to others, as well.

Kris moved to Virginia in June of 2017, to an area where she had fond memories of hiking and camping while she was serving in the military. She’d much rather be outside than in and this suits her lifestyle well with all the animals in her care! Her VA family includes four large dogs, two cats, a goat, a llama, three mules, and 14 donkeys.