Kristina Blanco

Kristina began working for Spectrum part-time in April 2007, and then full-time in January, 2008. We call her ‘the glue’ because she can do pretty much anything. From writing & customizing blogs, newsletters, white papers, power point presentations and press releases; to website SEO, document editing, and more – she has her hand in just about everything!

Raised the daughter of business owners she learned the value of hard work and providing exceptional customer service. “My step-dad’s motto was, ‘A happy customer will tell 5 friends, and an unhappy customer will tell 20,’ and it stuck with me.” Working for her family she did everything from sales, training, shipping and receiving to office management and was even the summer clothing buyer for a few years. After leaving home she worked in several industries which gave her all kinds of great experience… and her most recent position was working for a large property management company in Southern California in the Training and Marketing departments. One of her direct supervisors was Karen McNeill, another Spectrum Project Manager, “I accredit her with everything I know,” Kristina laughs, “…though she probably won’t corroborate that!”

When she’s not working Kristina is spending time with her son, born in November, 2010. “After eight and a half years of marriage my husband and I decided it was finally time to take the plunge into parenthood – and we couldn’t be happier! We are head over heels in love with our little guy and are so blessed everyday by his presence in our lives. He is the happiest, most loving and wonderful child! ”

When asked what she is most proud of she said, “I enjoy giving back to those in need. We are so fortunate in the United States with the freedoms and opportunities afforded to us, and it can be very easy to take it all for granted.  I try to keep a thankful outlook and do whatever I can for others. One of the most  perspective-changing times in my life was when I went to Hong Kong and worked in an orphanage there. Caring for babies that had been given up, giving them love they would have otherwise gone without was an incredible experience. My husband and I hope to pass on to our son that life isn’t all about what we want and have, but more about how we can help those less fortunate.”

Kristina can be reached at: 800.881.3312 ext. 11, or