Reenergize with Referral Marketing

How do you know if this program is right for you?

  1. Do you recognize the importance of referral marketing as a strategy for growing your business, but don’t know how to get a program started?
  2. Do you provide a service that is referable, and currently have customers who would refer you to others?
  3. Are you willing / able to commit to 8 hours over a 4 week period in order to participate in the development of a referral program?
  4. Do you want someone else to design and write your referral marketing pieces for you?

A recent poll found that 82% of small businesses use word of mouth to grow their business, and 15% rely exclusively on referrals as their source of marketing.  However, few companies actively solicit referrals.  The foundation of a successful referral marketing program is having motivated and satisfied customers who enthusiastically refer you to others. We realize that many business owners may not know how or where to begin, which is why we have designed this easy-to-use referral marketing program to get you well on your way to growing your business.

Referrals can be one of the most cost effective ways to earn business. Generally when a potential customer is referred to you they are already ‘pre-qualified’. This is due to the fact they were referred based on a need they communicated to someone who in turn sent them to you. This ‘pre-qualification’ will typically speed up the sales cycle and put money in your pocket sooner! They key, however is to provide extraordinary customer service and educate clients regarding your referral program. If you don’t actively cultivate referrals you’re just leaving it to chance.

If you answered yes to the questions above, then keep reading to find out how to get started!