Week by Week Overview

During this 4 week program you will attend weekly conference calls and do some work on your own to help us determine the messaging for your program.

Week #1:  Renew Your Relationships

This call will include an interactive discussion with a referral expert from The Spectrum Services Group and will cover the following topics:

  • What is Referral Marketing
  • What are the building blocks for developing a referral program
  • Using your positing statement to communicate who you want as clients

Week #2:  Reciprocate Your Good Experience

In this call we will help you identify areas in which you can cultivate referrals by answering the following questions as they relate to your organization:

  • Who are your best clients
  • Who is your competition and what differentiates you from them
  • Identifying other organizations that serve your ideal clients with which you can partner

Week #3:  Reactivate Your Referral Marketing

The third session will pull together the previous conversations and begin developing a 12 month strategy as well as customized marketing materials. We will help you:

  • Identify a Referral offer and Budget
  • Develop a Referral Marketing Calendar
  • Finalize Referral Marketing Materials

Week #4:  Putting the Plan in Action

The fourth session will be the last call to equip you with the next steps to execute your plan:

  • An evaluation of your referral program deliverables
  • A discussion of your next steps
  • Developing a plan to continue to replenish your referrals over the long haul

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