Success Stories

What Our Client’s Say

“I firmly believe the assistance of The Spectrum Services Group has given us a strong position in the market. In fact, recent figures show that November, 2013 was the largest new customer acquisition month in the 15 years Scanco has been in business! Even better, in the last two years that we have been working with The Spectrum Services Group, Scanco has grown by over 50%! That is more than we had grown in the past 20 years!”

– Shaun Boros, Scanco, Owner

Ron and Kimberly

“While other resellers are seeing a decline in business due to the state of the economy, BASM continues to grow. We directly attribute this to our marketing efforts over the last year. We estimate that the return on our marketing investment will be close to $250,000! The money we’ve spent with The Spectrum Services Group is the best use of marketing money in the history of our company and we couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve seen.”

-Ron Ketterling, President, Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota

“Spectrum has been instrumental in helping us develop and execute our nurture marketing and lead generation campaigns. What Spectrum continues to do for us is save future revenue. By developing a nurture touch marketing campaign, Spectrum has allowed us to reach out to our clients in a consistent manner and keep people in contact with us. This means they are less likely to disappear in the future. Our lead generation program continues to produce solid prospects for us to add to our pipeline and capitalize on in the future. It’s been extremely effective for us to work with Spectrum and I would recommend them to any company who wants to implement a marketing program.”

 – Kent Arnold, President, RBP Method

“We are not marketing people – so it is nice to collaborate with a company who not only has significant marketing expertise, but one that is reliable and has our company’s best interest in mind as well.”

– Shaun Boros, Owner, Scanco

“All I can say is ‘WOW’. In 10 years as a reseller I’ve never had anything like this to send to customers or prospects. This is fantastic! You do an outstanding job in nurture marketing with newsletters, white papers and even created a success story when I wasn’t sure I had one. You are very much on top of things and are a huge help on any marketing activity I need. I’ve had positive feedback about our newsletter and even prospects who have indicated that they have received and read the success story and white paper we’ve sent and wanted to continue receiving them. This, of course, is what nurture marketing is all about. I’ve even received an upgrade order from a client because he saw our December mailing. I highly recommend The Spectrum Services Group. Being able to get their advice on marketing alone is worth the price of admission.”

-Jay D. Katon, CEO, TASI

Kristina and Sara “I have no idea how to put to words what you’ve done! Spectrum has provided Silverware the jump start we needed to get our marketing program going. With Spectrum, we have developed a nurture program for new prospects and a follow-up campaign for our existing customer base. I now entrust all of our marketing programs to Spectrum!”

-Sara Silver, Silverware

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