The Spectrum Services Group Raises the Bar for Scanco’s Marketing Program

Scanco was founded in 1989 by an entrepreneur with a vision for using barcoding to make businesses more efficient. With a large full-time staff and an unsurpassed commitment to the development of customer driven systems offering speed, technology, and methodology; Scanco is an OEM partner with Sage, and provides the premier mobile technology system for Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP. From their offices in Sarasota, FL, Scanco strives to continue to provide innovative products that are easy to use, and easy to implement.

A Season of Change

Several years ago, Scanco’s founder sold his business to his daughter and her husband, Shaun and Theresa Boros, who shared the same passion for mobile technology. Soon after the acquisition, Scanco’s full time marketing person left to be a stay at home mom. However, before she left, she did some research on different marketing options. She came across The Spectrum Services Group and was impressed because they were an outsourced, full service marketing company specializing in helping small and mid-sized companies grow their company through providing a single resource for numerous marketing needs. “It was an easy decision,” reflects Shaun. “Spectrum offered everything we needed, so we signed up, and that was that!”

With a desire to grow the business and expand on what Theresa’s father had built, Scanco needed a marketing partner that could help them rebrand their company and create a more consistent and targeted marketing effort. This included everything from redesigning the website, updating the logo, and creating new brochures; to implementing a consistent nurture marketing and lead generation effort; as well as growing a larger online presence in social media. Shaun explains, “We had certain strengths and weaknesses in our previous marketing efforts, and Spectrum helped us raise the bar to create a well designed and cohesive plan.”

The Code for Success

Over the last two years, The Spectrum Services Group has assisted Scanco with all of their marketing needs. From well targeted email campaigns, regular blogging, and the introduction of new products; to increased webinar attendance, and a greater social media presence; Scanco couldn’t be happier with their decision to work with Spectrum. “I especially appreciate how we are able to work with the same team members, who are not only familiar with the Sage world, but who meet with us on a regular basis to go over our marketing, offering content and ideas,” comments Shaun. “Theresa and I are not marketing people – so it is nice to collaborate with a company who not only has significant marketing expertise, but that is reliable and has our company’s best interests in mind as well.”

As a technology-based company it is critical for Scanco to be continuously expanding and improving their products in order to stay ahead of the competition. “For the last couple of years, Scanco has been very successful in making ongoing improvements to our products, and we are thankful to have Spectrum by our side to effectively communicate to our customers, partners, and prospects about the advances we are making. I firmly believe it is their assistance that has given us such a strong position in the market. In fact, recent figures show that November, 2013 was the largest new customer acquisition month in the 15 years Scanco has been in business! Even better, in the last two years that we have been working with The Spectrum Services Group, Scanco has grown by over 50%! That is more than we had grown in the past 20 years!” Scanco attributes their exponential growth to the great work Spectrum is doing to get their name out there. From reacquainting their company with old Sage contacts, and helping them get leads for their partners in the channel; to assisting them in expanding into new markets such as NetSuite, and collaborating with them on an ERPVAR site, Scanco is very excited to see what the future holds.

“I would strongly recommend Spectrum to anyone in the Sage channel who is looking for help with their marketing,” concludes Shaun. “Believe me, I understand that there is a delicate financial balance for companies in this economy, but marketing is one of those things where you have to spend some to make some. The key point is to be sure the money you to allocate is well targeted, and well spent – and you get both of those with Spectrum. It took about three months for us to see a return on investment, but since then we have realized a huge ROI from every marketing dollar that we spend, and we look forward to achieving our goals year after year with Spectrum by our side.”

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